Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #28 ~ Haute Mom Gets an F

Oh my gosh....ugh.  It happened.  Yep, it finally happened.  That moment in time with your little one that you pray will never happen but you know it will someday.  Stella hit her head.  BAD.  Not one of those "Oh, you're ok!" bumps but an all out "Are you going to have a concussion, brace yourself mom" bump.  I feel TERRIBLE.  Especially because it happened on my watch, and I was really watching her too, not half watching her, half watching Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Speaking of that...

Stella is learning to crawl and has totally mastered the backwards crawl but hasn't quite mastered the forward crawl.  When Stella sees something she wants in front of her, she kinda just leaps and flattens her body forward instead of crawling.  She was playing near her crib and decided she wanted a block next to the crib.  I watched her slowly bend towards it and thought nothing of it.  Then she pulled a move on me and did one of her leap and flatten moves right into the CORNER of the crib leg.  OH MY GOD!  I thought I was going to die.  The poor baby sucked in her breath before letting out the biggest scream. I started crying. A large lump was not far behind.  I can't post a picture because I feel too bad.

Darn that crib.  I feel so sad for Stella who has a big old knot on her head.  The pit in my stomach caused by guilt is even bigger.  I am replaying it over in my mind, wondering if I could have prevented it.  Thank goodness my husband didn't make me feel worse but just shrugged it off and explained that these things will happen.  I am giving myself an F for the day and am grounding myself for the night too.


  1. oh girl dont be so hard on yourself. It happens to ALL of us! Remember she is in a time of learning. These things happen. You have to let her learn on her own sometimes. My baby craawled backwards for about a month and then one day e figured it out. :) Thanks for joining us on Traveling Through Thursday! I am now following you via google , twitter and facebook! I'd love for you to join me on fb and twitter if you haven't already! Have a fab day!

  2. Pooor Stella! Awww. I know that scream of sucking in the breath first then letting it all out- Ouuuiee!
    You didn't do anything wrong. You can't watch her 100% of the time- things are going to happen - It is not your fault. :)

  3. Awww momma! I've had many of those moments and that moment of yours probably won't be the last. Those things do happen :) We can't wrap our little ones up in bubble wrap (or can we? hehehe)

    Found you through TTT blog hop.. nice to meet you! If you have a moment please stop by my cozy little blog :)


  4. I am your newest follower and would love for you to follow me back


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