Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lazy Sunday - It's Casserole Time

Today there is a severe need for an easy, lazy Sunday dinner recipe.  The hubby and I went to a wine tasting dinner party last night and aside from being a little, uh, dehydrated today, Stella and I are sick.  Stella has the worst of it with a runny nose and fever, that is hopefully due to teething but only a visit to the doc on Tuesday will tell for sure.  Of course, my hubby was already wondering what we were going to do for dinner before lunch was even put on the table. 

I am always a big fan of casseroles and crock pot recipes because I like being able to prep dinner when I have time and then just leave it and let it simmer, bake, or stew for the afternoon.  I found this yummy recipe for Beefy Mac and Cheese from The Food Network that fits perfectly into the easy, winter casserole category.  And it's from Paula Dean's sons, Jamie and Bobby so you know it is going to be good!  Since I have lost the baby weight, I am not going to ruin it with a fattening meal so I am going to substitute ground turkey for the beef and use low fat cheese.  I like that fact that you can put your own touch into this dish as well.  Check it out!


  1. Ooh that sounds great. I am adding this to mny list of things to make. If I can't make it in a cassarole or put it in a crockpot, I have a hard time making it LOL. This is right up my ally. I did a blog post on my favorite crock pot recipes & cassaroles in November... I am surely printing this one and adding it to my pile! (Yes, I keep my recipes in a very unorganized pile in the kitchen lol)

  2. i really don't like onions or green peppers, but otherwise this looks delicious! i wish my oven worked! think i could make it in an electric skillet???


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