Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday ~ Giving Thanks Week 2

I have the chance to write this post in the blessed silence of an early Sunday morning. I have a good friend at work who used to describe these morning too me, explaining that she used to tip-toe downstairs at 5 a.m. to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before work, using every muscle possible to control her movements so that she doesn't make a sound. For she knew that even the slighest creak would wake a child, husband, dog, which would then wake another, crashing down into a domino effect of craziness. I never fully understood this, until now.

Today, I am thankful for friends. I know this seems kind of generic but this post is for a certain category of friends. Not the friends who are there for convenience, the ones who only call or come around when they need something or when there is nothing better to do. Not the friends who are one-sided, those who never call you or invite you places, but instead do nothing for your friendship until you reach out to them. And not those who I like to call "frenemies", the ones who use you to gain some advantage, use your ideas, or talk about you behind your back. I am thankful for true friends, the ones that are so special that they can part the clouds on a rainy day.

As I have gotten older, I have learned about all these different types of friends, some the hard way. Gone are the days when I traveled with an entourage, where only one or two in company was a true friend. I have experienced drama, backstabbing, let downs, stolen dreams, and people hanging on to my coat tails and learned that some people never change and it is best to let them go. As I think about my true friends, I realize that part of getting older means that people get let behind, sometimes for good reason.

My friends now are the ones who I know will be here for life. I can call on any one of them and they will be there for me. It doesn't matter how long I have seen or talked to them, we can pick up as though we lunched the day before. It doesn't matter how busy they are, they will take the time out of their day to help me, be there for me, or inconvenience themselves for me. These friends call or text me randomly to say they are thinking about me, Stella, and that they miss us. Sometimes they send a message about something that made them think of me and it was important that they share. They never use the excuse "I've been too busy" or "I didn't get a chance" but they keep their word out of respect for our friendship. These friends make me feel supported, loved, and special. It is comforting to know that there is a small, secluded group in my life that will always be around helping me be the best that I can be and picking me up when I fall.

I wish that I could list these friends, but many know who they are. Perhaps, some people reading this would be surprised to find out they would be on this list, and that shows me the true selflessness of their friendship. Some of these people are from my college days, others from the work place. Many of these friends I have know for years, and others, only since my haute months of mommyhood. It doesn't matter how long they have been around but what matters is that they are here to stay. Thank you to all my friends who are there for me through thick and thin and have helped me through this next chapter of my haute life. For you, I am truly thankful.


  1. I'm glad you are having a lazy Sunday morning. My dogs woke me up at 6am!

    I'm a new follower from the Sunday Strolling blog hop. Have a great day!


  2. great post! friends are quite awesome & believe me i was feeling the whole "looking back on my life & realizing all the friends i've lost & those who are really my friends". lately i've been blue about how I can't reconnect w/some friends and how others seem too busy w/their own lives to think about you. it's possible since i've been away for 2 yrs that things change, but still...i'm hoping i still have those lifelong friends =) i'll let you know how that goes tho haha

  3. Very nice post,thanks for the comment about my blog design and linking up at Relax and Surf Sunday!

  4. Once I got an email that said something along the lines “People come into our lives as reasons, season or lifetime”. Over the years I have often wondered which category the new people I’ve met would fit into. Sometimes I wonder about those who seem to disappear out of the blue and then resurface.. If there was a lesson I should have learned or taught. No matter what, each person that touches our lives makes us better for knowing them.. Even if the lesson was to be less like them J

    I enjoyed your post! Hope you have a great week!!

    Patty (Nana Poppins)

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  6. what a sweet & touching post! <3

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