Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Haute Mom Stays Cool

This week has been one of those weeks...and it's only Wednesday. In order to save some money, I am getting rid of our seven month old, leased car and buying a four year old used one. This haute mom loves her car, but we will love the $400/month savings and extra cargo room more. Although this is a wise choice, it has sent me on a wild goose chase of errands and paperwork. I have been back and forth to banks, AAA, the DMV, and back to banks, AAA, and the DMV. And that was just in the last two days.

Normally in these types of situations I get flustered, and now with Stella as my wingbaby, it can be really difficult. She was a total trooper and this mom was able to stay cool through it all. I have to share one thing that made this possible and that was her new stroller. I have been using the Chicco Travel System up until now. I love the system but sometimes find it too big and bulky. Maclaren recently sent me the Quest stroller that claims to be "the lightweight sporty solution" and it filled every promise!

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this stroller and I have tried three strollers already (the Chicco is the only other one that has been lucky enough to make the cut). I am not picky (well, not THAT picky) but I think a stroller is supposed to make your life easier, not more difficult and I haven't found on that truly does that...until now.

Some of the reasons why I love this stroller:
  • It's lightweight like an umbrella stroller and weighs in at a little over 12 pounds

  • It has a carrying strap, so when it is folded (in an umbrella stroller fold) you can sling it over one shoulder

  • It can be folded down with one hand (many others claim the same but we know that unless you have Hulk hands, it ain't happening)

  • There are 4 seat positions so Stella has been able to be comfy no matter what her mood is

  • The seat is removable and washable. You all remember my diaper blowout dilemma right? Problem solved!

  • It is water resistant and comes with a raincover
  • It offer a UV protected window so that I can see Stella without having to risk her exposure to the sun

  • It is appropriate for 3 months and up - and can carry up to 55 pounds. This stroller has a very long usage period. Most of the other stroller where a car seat is not needed start at 6 months. Stella still can't sit comfortably at 6 months in her Chicco stroller without being in her car seat.
  • It is DARLING! I have the Cath Kidston design which is a vintage-inspired edition in red with white dots.

Overall, this stroller fits every need. It is durable, but has the convenience of an umbrella stroller. There are plenty of storage pouches, a basket and it is every but as comfy for Stella as her big Chicco. Although the cost is higher then the average umbrella stroller, I would tell any new mommy to register for this one as her main stroller. It can be used early on with the bells and whistles of a travel system but has the ease of an umbrella stroller which is so important when running errands on your own, like every haute mom does. And there are some super haute designs to really express your inner mommy!


  1. I've got my eye on a Maclaren stroller... probably after the holidays ... right around the time Julianna gets too big to be carried around in her infant seat now (we have the chicco travel system which I love but soon it will be time to retire), and when we switch over to her Britax Convertible seat... Glad to hear you love it! Glad to hear Stella was a trooper! Good choice on downsizing the car payment. We painfully did it too ... I cried when I had to turn in my cushy SUV when the lease was up, it was an adjustment to drive the smaller (SUV) vehicle we got as it's replacement... but way better on the pocketbook! :)

  2. I have beaten the crap out of my Maclaren stroller! Its flown cross country 3 times, been to the zoo, legoland, dland, seworld, every outlet mall and a few rough trails! I LOVE IT! Worth every penny! Since we had Number 2 I have had to move on to a double jogger and a sit and stand type stroller, BUT we kept the Maclaren, its small easy to store and PERFECT! I tell everyone to get one!

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