Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #22 ~ Attention All Shoppers!

Stella enjoying our seats with daddy.
I must say that I really have ventured out since my earlier Haute Mom Dilemma posts.  I recall being a brand new mom, nervous to bring my baby girl out in the world where germs and judgement waited.  Since then, I have taken Stella to a number of different places that have helped me be more comfortable with handling my bundle of joy in public.  I accomplished a 5K charity walk, took Stella to two MLB baseball games, Oktoberfest, and on Monday night, took Stella to her first NBA game!  She has loved each and every one of those things and has even fallen asleep in the loudest of times
Clippes beat the Hornets 99-95!

 The one thing that I still have a difficult time with is taking her shopping and I'm thinking I need some serious help since Black Friday and holiday shopping is right around the corner.  So help me out here.  The issue I have is how one can sprout enough hands to hold baby (or push baby in the stroller) and push your cart, hold items to purchase, carry your bags, etc. There must be a magical product that is out there that I am missing, and no, do not tell me it is my hubby.  I'm not a fan of shopping with hubby I am sure many of you know what I am talking about.

Last week I went to Target and Trader Joe's all in one day and I felt like Stella and I should win a mother/daughter award.  I wore Stella (in my Ergo) into Target and was able to push the cart around with no problem but the whole checking out, paying thing was kind of difficult because she was in the way of getting things out of my cart.  I also haven't figured out the whole packing everything in the car thing.  I don't like leaving her in the car while I unload bags and return shopping carts but I also don't feel safe with her sitting in the cart while I unload in the middle of the parking lot.  Which is the lesser of two evils?
I swear, I think only moms think this way, or maybe crazy ones like me.  I'm sure I will be posting on my first Black Friday experience should I choose to participate.

Here is to Stella's first Thanksgiving tomorrow and wishng all of you a safe and happy one with all of your loved ones!


  1. Shopping with little ones is difficult. I try and shop when Z is at daycare or with a family member. However; the time does present itself when I must go shopping with my little man.

    I like the idea of having him strapped on me with a carrier(Baby Bjorn, Mobi, Ergo, etc). But when they get older(heavier) that can be problematic.

    I use a high chair/shopping cart cover with Z when I shop. At the mall I use the stroller of course.

    In this situation, practice does make perfect. The more you do it he more comfortable you will become with the whole process.

    Unloading your cart with a baby?
    First, I ALWAYS ask for help from a store employee. They can unload your cart and you can unload your child, (they will also deal with returning the shopping cart too). Sometimes I just watch them unload the cart, and unload Z when they have finished. The employees are more than willing to help a lady with a child
    Second, I try to park close to a shopping cart, so that I can grab it quickly and load my child, purse, reusable shopping bags, etc
    Third, try and shop and non-peak hours. If I'm on break from work I go early in the morning, (before 10am). I know that it might be more difficult because of Stella feeding schedule
    Fourth, be mindful of naptime. I plan shopping around Z's naptime, because he is cranky if he doesn't get a good nap.

    I remember I had all kinds of worries and fears about shopping with the baby. Trust me it's all gone now. I have a really good routine.

    Find a system that works for you and stick with it

  2. Hmmm. I do something super-psycho-mommish! It's too cold in NJ now to leave Julianna in her seat in the cart while I unload... so I put her in the car, and lock it while I walk the cart back to the cart-holder thing. It's almost impossible to get a spot near the carts... so walking it back is nessecary. While I unload, I put her in the car too and lock the doors, only leaving open the tailgate to my SUV... I don't know how much safer that is ... but that's what I do. I keep waiting for Child Protective Services to pop out of the bushes telling me I can't leave my baby in the car for the 20 seconds it takes to put the cart back and run back to the car.
    We don't have store employees that will help you here in NJ. That's just the way it is. No help. We are lucky you can get a 17 yr old to ring up your order correctly without mouthing off to you. Sad.
    It is a hard task to shop with the little one for sure! I watch other mothers and see them go through the same things I do ... so I don't feel so alone. Julianna goes everywhere with us - so I guess we have gotten used to the whole shopping thing ... but still, it's a challenge at some point no doubt.


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