Monday, November 8, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #19 - Leaving Baby Part 1

Haute moms, I need you now. Please come in full force and bring your haute powers. I am leaving my baby tomorrow for approximately 40 hours and I am feeling a little, well, panicked. This post is labeled in parts because I know that there will probably be a number of entries in the next 40 hours where I will feel the need to blog. My flight leaves in 12 hours and I feel like a brick is sitting on my chest. Oh wait, that may be Stella sleeping.

I have a favorite band. Not favorite like, "Oh they are really good" favorite but FAVORITE like 14-year-old Justin Bieber "aaaaaaaaahhh!!!!" favorite. The band is the Dave Matthews Band and I have seen them eight times, since I became pregnant with Stella. Stella has seen them six times in utero. Overall, I have seen them over 50 times.

For that reason, and a small work venture, I am flying from California to Boston to see the Dave Matthews Band...backstage passes baby. You know it would have to be big for me to leave Stella behind. I even thought about bringing her but figured logistically, that would be unfair to her. My parents, as mentioned in my last post, will be taking care of her. I have to pack and do some things because our flight leaves at 6 a.m. but can't stand to put her down long enough to do much of anything.

On a separate note, I called American Airlines (had to because they cancelled our flight - argh) and talked to them about traveling with my breastpump and pumped milk. They told me that I was not allowed to travel back with the milk I pump while I am gone. Apparently, having my baby with me is proof that it is real milk but traveling without a baby means it could be anything. The kind lady did tell me I could check the milk in for an extra baggage fee. Gee thanks. Um, what exactly am I supposed to do? All of you pumping moms out there know the stuff is like gold! Can this really be the rules?!

Well, I will keep you posted but for now I am going to pack, starting with my travel pack of kleenex since I am sure I will be blubbering all the way to the airport...and to Boston for that matter. I hope I can clean myself up long enough to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams, being backstage at a Dave Matthews concert. I keep telling myself to be strong, kind of like the end of the Karate Kid when Daniel-son is trying to get up off the mat. I know I can do it - send me some haute vibes ladies.


  1. Ooooo have fun here in Boston! :) a lot of my friends are going too!!!

    You will be ok. Its hard, but you will have fun! You deserve it! And the airline is gold!!!!! Sorry they wont let you keep it!

  2. I have definitely traveled with pump and bm without the baby. I brought a small cooler with me as a carry on. The airlines should not be the one telling you I would think anyways. I would try to contact TSA at the airport. Relax and have a good time!!

  3. I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting... I am now following and I look forward to reading more of your stuff.
    All the best,


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