Friday, November 19, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #21 ~ Sick Party of One

I've gone 6 months with a happy, fun, HEALTHY baby so to my surprise, Stella had a 102 degree fever early Wednesday morning. I knew one day Stella would fall ill but hoped I wouldn't be having to put the nurse outfit on anytime soon. You can't prepare yourself for that tug in your heart when the little one isn't feeling well, can you?

Stella had her 6 month well visit appointment on Tuesday and received her last set of vaccines for the next three months. She is never a happy camper after these visits (why should she be) but this one seemed a little worse. I knew it was going to be a doozy the moment I saw our nurse. Bless her heart for trying, she didn't seem to have graduated on the top of her nursing program if you know what I mean. She also moved about as quickly as a sloth. Then I found out she would be returning to give Stella her shots...great. After a PAINFUL (physically and mentally) round of shots, that seemed like it took longer than my visit to the DMV the other day, Stella was hysterical. Not the usual crying of dislike but hysterical like she maybe will have night terrors about this with the nurse as the dark shadow. I knew it would be time to batten down the hatches.

Stella seemed to be content the rest of the afternoon, and I left for work that evening feeling confident that maybe the doctor's visit had been the worst of it. I later put her to bed in a mood slightly more sour than usual but figured maybe the night with dad babysitting had been a little irritating for her. About an hour later Stella woke up and could not be consoled. She didn't want to be held, she didn't want to nurse, she just wanted to cry. I finally got her back to sleep to only be faced with the same thing about two hours later. It was then when I realized she had a fever. My friend told me that when Stella had her first true fever I would know and this couldn't have been more true. I pressed her hot little body against mine while my husband took her temperature. It was 102. I made my first middle of the night call to our pediatrician only to be told to give her some Tylenol and blame the shots, or her teething. We decided to put Stella in bed with us and with fear that my hubby was going to smother her in the middle of the night, I made him go sleep in her room. At least he got some sleep that night while Stella and I had our first mommy-baby up all night slumber party. Can we just talk about the things that are on in the wee hours of TV land...

Having made it through the night, I was relieved to see that the fever had gone down by morning. I felt like I had gotten my first initiation of the many nights in the future where I will stay awake to care for my baby girl. I do wonder if I did what I should have done by giving her Tylenol. I am not a medicine taker myself but don't know if my own philosophy should be applied to my 6 month old. I also now wonder if I should have followed an alternate schedule for her vaccines or if a fever would have happened either way. Any thoughts haute moms?


  1. Thanks for finding me I'm following you back! I just have to say I love your blog already (it's love at first sight) totally haute!!! ;)

    You'll be dealing w/ lotsa sick days & boo boos and it doesn't really get any easier to deal w/ it still breaks your heart that there's really not much else you can do to make it all magically better other than comfort them!

    Tania @

  2. New follower from Bloggy Moms!
    No thoughts, but my sympathies are with you. I'm dreading Sweet T's first sickness. :(

  3. Awww poor Stella! Gosh - I am dreading my daughter's first fever! This was good information b/c now I kind of know what to look for. Don't blame the shots ... it could be from anything. I am not a believer in shots causing issues (even though I know many moms highly disagree with me). You are a good mommy... you did so good with her in the middle of the night. Although I coulnd't help but snicker picturing your husband in Stella's crib?? You said he slept in her room. LOL I am goofy and think about those things ... my husband did get into Julianna's crib one day just playin around. Pretty funny. All kidding aside, glad to hear she is ok!

  4. Well I already follow an altered vaccine schedule. Have from day 1. I do think the shots caused the fever it is a very very common thing, so I wouldn't blame the nurses or doctors for not treating something that happens half the time after shots anyways. Its just their body trying to fight off the live viruses she has been stuck with and an elevated temperature and general fussiness is normal although nerve racking for us moms.

    You are doing a great job moma, keep it up!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

  5. Aww poor baby! I hate when our children get sick. It's not only frustrating it's sad. I mean, there isn't much we can do but to "mother-them" which is a lot of work all itself but to want to TAKE all that way might be better all in all. You know? Some kids gets a little feverish when they get their shots. I hope all goes well. Get well soon!

    Happy Holidays.

  6. It's just going around! Sounds like you are taking care of business though. :) Good meeting you at lunch today at the 'event'! Your blog looks gorgeous. Very haute!

    I have to sign in through my Google account here but the link to my blog is is the profile section (not the blogspot one!)

  7. Sounds like you did the right thing. Z got a fever when he got his first round of shots. Now, I do not "wait" for the fever. I give him the Tylenol right before the the nurse comes in with the needle. Fevers with little ones suck...not much we can do except try and comfort them.


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