Friday, October 14, 2011

This Is How We Do It

Ten years ago, the word "haute" brought forth image of designer heels, backstage passes, city nightlife, and red roped VIP areas. Obviously things have changed since then and although many of those images still come to mind, the reality of my "hautness" looks a little different. This morning the amount of truth in that really took shape. I get up around 5:30 every morning. I used to get up at 5:30, go for a run, workout, shower, eat breakfast, and head out to work. Now I get up, shower, pray I get all my makeup on and my hair straightened before Stella wakes up, get her out of bed, get her milk, and hope I can spend five minutes with her before heading out to work. Things have changed.

I must share though, this morning I did a very haute thing. Something, I think, that may be some type of groundbreaking idea in the making! I was finished getting ready, got dressed, and noticed my pants were a little wrinkled on the bottom. I shrugged it off because, let's face it, to look presentable AND have wrinkle-free clothes is asking a lot these days. Especially on a Friday. I headed back into the bathroom to make sure there were no hints of those annoying curls left and turn off my flat iron (last week I left it on and got BUSTED by the hubby when I forgot). Picking up the flat iron to get that one stubborn piece of hair, I caught a glimpse of my pants with the wrinkled bottoms and...DING (that's the bell going off!) I ironed my pants (while wearing them) with my flat iron. Then, I got that stubborn piece of hair, shut off the flat iron (can't let hubby scold me twice!) and went to get Stella out of her crib. How haute is that? This was for all of you multi-tasking, scheduling, career moms out there - power to us all! That's how we get it done.

Stella thought it was a fabulous idea!

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  1. Girl, I've ironed all sorts of things with my flat iron--collars, pant/skirt hems, you name it!!! :)

  2. i LOVE her smile! she is adorable!


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