Monday, October 10, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #54 - So NOT Haute

Back when Stella was born, I mourned the loss of my "haute" life; dressing up, nights on the town, designer shoes, handbags, jeans, and eating and drinking to be jolly because I could hit the gym the very next day. Over time, I have not only come to terms with being a mommy, but embraced it, and found the happy balance between the joys of motherhood and keeping my peep-toe Louboutin wedged in the door of my old life. Stella is the highlight of my day and time with her has made finding a Gucci bag for 40% off meaningless. Well, not meaningless but...ok, that was not a good example. You get my drift. But there comes a time in a woman's world where all things considered "haute" come crashing into all things considered "mom". We have hit that point of no least for a little while.

Now that Stella is becoming more and more independent, I have been able to enjoy fashion and fun with her in tow. Her personality and opinions are beginning to come out and my daughter becomes more and more fun each day. I envision afternoons of lunch, shopping, and mani/pedis in our future. Stella's growing independence has led her to become a self-feeding machine (among many other things). This is where the worlds have collided. I love that we can take her out to eat at our favorite pre-Stella restaurants and enjoy a glass of wine without having to spoon feed Stella the entire time, HOWEVER, this learning task has turned out to be well, quite messy.

Spoon or fork, it doesn't matter which, dangerously tipping left and right, front and back as I watch the food teeter near the edge, is not my idea of having a nice, chic dinner out. I have come to the brink of OCD, trying to pick up the food off of the floor each time a piece falls here or there. (Some may say don't go to those types of places with Stella but sometimes, a haute mom WANTS to.) Whatever pair of designer jeans or shoes I have chosen to wear that night run the risk of becoming a napkin or splash mat. I am not going to even address Stella's clothing at this point in time because all of you out there know what I am talking about here - and what is up with their ability to spill on the few places that the bib does not cover?! My hubby bought me a beautiful jacket for our anniversary and sadly wonders why I don't ever wear it out and I try to explain that "it has white honey, not safe with the little one at this point in time." Even at home, we struggle with the eating, the food, the spilling, the mess, the laundry! I'm too hot and sweaty from bending, picking, scraping, and washing to be haute, at least during meal time. Ugh. Maybe next month. In the meantime, I give big claps for Stella's learning to using a spoon, fork, and big girl cup - with my hair pulled back and ready to catch the droppings, of course.

Mmmmm! Yogurt all by myself!

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  1. Hi,

    She is too cute. I am a first time mother myself and the journey has been crazy. My little girl will be 2 in December.

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    Many Blessings


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