Friday, May 27, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #45 ~ Holding On

The weeks have been flying by since Stella's first birthday and it seems like she is quickly coming into her own. In just two short weeks she is now walking, drinking her milk (both breast and whole) out of a sippy cup, and our biggest accomplishment, sleeping without being held or rocked at both nap and nighttime. More and more words come out of her mouth everyday. She eats what we eat at meals; her newest favorite is artichokes. My mom said to me yesterday that this was a sure sign that she was growing up.

While I look back at the early months and my wish that she wouldn't be so dependent, I now find myself trying to put on the breaks. It is so fun to watch her find herself but I must admit, it is bittersweet. Where did my little baby go? I feel more and more attached to her everyday.

Tonight I am surprising my hubby and taking him to go see Prince (he was an 80's teen) and all I can think about is this tightness in my chest from the little time I will get to spend with her today. Am I normal? Why do I feel like I am regressing as she progresses? Help! My baby girl is growing so this where moms start wanting baby #2? (Mom, if you are reading this don't panic, it is just a question.)

At any rate, I must say how proud it makes me to see her growing each day. I never imagined how fun it would be! Thank goodness for a three day weekend and one extra day home with Stella! Happy Friday haute moms!

My big little girl

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