Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #44 ~ How Time Flies

It is so amazing how things seems to be full speed ahead now that Stella is 1 year old. Her speech is developing more and more, steps coming with more confidence, and actions becoming more daring. What wasn't babyproofed before definitely must be now. I feel like my little girl is 1 going on 10.

We have been lucky enough to have a fantastic babysitter for Stella who will be starting to work towards her own career goals on the days that she is not with Stella. Her main goal is to be employed at the end of her six month internship which puts us at November. She has watched Stella full time since Stella was 7 months old.

For us this means finding another person to watch Stella or put her in day care. Day care would obviously have to start before November so that Stella could have some transition time, right? Is Stella too young for day care at 15 months? If we found a place we loved and had to put her there now to hold a spot, is she too young? What do all you haute moms think, especially those of you with older ones? I have some great recommendations and know that many of these places have waiting lists so I am feeling a little pressure but want to be sure Stella is not too young. Can you tell I'm a nervous mommy? Any input would be wonderful! Now off to finish my list of questions for the doctor today for her 12 month wellness visit...

Where oh where has my little girl gone?

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