Friday, May 6, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #42 ~ Forever a Mommy

10 days old
I have been a little emotional lately.  Melancholy, reflective, wishful have all been moods that have come and gone.  I am not sure what has caused this; perhaps the fact that in one short week, my little baby girl will turn 1-year-old.

In the middle of all the crazy birthday party planning, I have had so many feelings jolt through me as I watch Stella and think about the year that has gone by.  My hubby keeps asking me, "What happened to our baby?" and I am wondering the same thing.  We now have a spunky, outspoken little girl on our hands who is now walking up to 4 steps all one her own!

2 week shy of her 1st birthday
Last night after I put Stella down, my hubby and I sat down and selected pictures from each month of her first year to display at her birthday party.  We had TONS to go through because I vowed when I was pregnant that I would take a picture of her every day of her first year.  I have not only kept that promise but I have done more than that.  I have over 1,200 pictures of Stella's first year of life, with at least one picture a day, and for the most part, more.  I can't believe that changes that I have seen in her with so many more to come.

I have had such a hard time lately with not being able to be a stay-at-home-mom.  I love my job to death and being in education, am more than fortunate to have my job but has been TOUGH to go to work each day.  My  heart aches when I leave in the morning and I can't wait to see her at the end of the day.  I feel sad that I cannot be with her all day long and I am constantly wishing for money to fall from the sky so that I can be at home with Stella.

At any rate, I am thankful for where I am at in life and SO THANKFUL for a happy, healthy baby girl.  It feels like yesterday that I was bringing her home and I pray that year two slows down...just a bit. The good thing is that I will be a mommy forever, and a haute one at that!



  1. Stella was a beaulitful newborn!! (Let's face it not all newborns are pretty LOL) - and she's still gorgeous but I totally get the sad thing about them turning a year old. I am sad Jules is turning a year old in 2 weeks ... excited but sad she is growing so fast!!

  2. Your daughter is beautiful! They just don't stay babies long enough, do they?!

    A new follower from the blog hop,


  3. ok ok, I know How you feel. Brooke is about a week behind Stella. I want to freeze her at this age,,,,,then I look at my almost 4 yr old and I cant wait to see how Brooke will be at almost four. All I can say is that it is ALWAYS amazing and every month and year is worth it all! I cant wait for you to experience Stella at 2, 3, 4..... its crazy fun!! Happy Almost first year Mommy!!!


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