Friday, September 17, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #13 ~ Holy Spit Up Batman!

I know that with each month comes different things that babies go through. Apparently this month Stella is going through a spitting up phase. I have never been showered with more drool and milky spit up than I have the last few weeks. I did read somewhere that around 4 months they tend to spit up more than normal but it seems a little excessive over here. Yesterday I got spit up on three times right after she ate. Why don't they invent burp cloths that cover your whole side and arm? Because it is more liquid than anything, it just runs off the burp cloth and right down my arm or side onto whatever I am sitting on. Yesterday, that was my bed and my pillows. I think the next time my husband irritates me I may strategically sit on his side of the bed and try to use this to my advantage. I also got a nice chest spit up as well. Good thing I was wearing a tank top. I am sure my eau de spit up scent is less than pleasing to others. Becuse of this new phase, I am also doing loads of laundry every other day because spit up on the clothes is not something you can just wipe off. Is there a wipe or product out there that will allow me to wipe her sleeve off without leaving that horrible, sour spit up smell? I wonder what other moms do during this phase. Is there a brand of burp cloth that is more absorbent than the rest? My Gerber cloth diapers that I use are not cutting it! Any suggestions or do I just deal with it?

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  1. Forget about spit up cloths that are branded as such and go with the most absorbent thing you have - your bathroom hand towels. They may not have cute ducks or teddy bears on them, but they do work far better (and are bigger!) than traditional burp cloths! Also, try pausing every few minutes while she is feeding and take a moment to burp her. Give it a chance to settle rather than letting her eat as much as she can all at once. That may be hard to do if she is hungry but it should help minimize the spit up.


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