Monday, September 6, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #11 ~ Dressing Baby

So I was dressing Stella this morning into this darling outfit that she had yet to wear. They were little pajamas with feet and a matching shirt. I finally wrestled her into the outfit (the kiddo does not appreciate her hands going through the arm holes) and take her out to show daddy to which he bursts out laughing. "What's so funny?" I demand. He cautiously (yes, that is the mood I have been in lately) points out that I have dressed our child into a midriff pajama set. Her little (rather big) belly is hanging out over the top of the bottoms (which are too short so she pulls then down when she straightens her legs) and the top which is too short. What the heck? I haven't seen someone have so many clothes that don't fit since my freshman year in college when I gained the freshman, uh, fifteen (give or take some pounds). I sighed and tossed the outfit in the "no longer fits" box where it smugly joined about 30 other outfits that are barely worn, if at all. I was told by others to bypass the newborn sizes for 0-3 months since she would outgrow them so quickly but didn't realize it was going to continue. At just shy of four months old, little Stella is outgrowing things left and right and I am never sure what size to buy her now if the labels don't have a pound and height chart. It is so difficult with all the varying brands and the inconsistency with sizes; Gerber running small, Circo (Target brand) runs big, and Stella's thighs need a 6 month size because ufortunately she is like her mommy. I swear I buy her an outfit or two each week. I am really bummed the weather has turned cold again because the best solution was just to leave her in her birthday suit. My friend Meggan (so to be a haute mom herself) just told me about a service called ThredUp where you can trade boxes of gently worn clothes. This service allows you to even search for the age/size and season of clothes you are looking for. I am going to give this a shot and send in a box of 0-3 month Spring/Summer clothes for a box of 6 month Summer/Fall clothes to test this out. There are even details of what types of brands and clothes are in the box. What a great idea! I feel a little weird getting used clothes for Stella but when she is only wearing stuff once or twice I figure what do I have to use. Here's to hoping I get a box of baby Gucci and onsies from Sax Fifth Avenue!

If you give it a try post your experience!

Stella in her birthday suit - the one thing she will never grow out of!

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  1. Zavier had that problem with his 6-9 months seemed like he skipped that size completely. It has gotten worse because his legs are so long, but his waist is small, (just like his dad).

    I am also interested in boxes just came today. Daylon said not to do it (because he's leery about used clothes). But Zavier has so many clothes he can't fit, it just seems like a good idea to trade for clothes he can fit. I'll let you know how it goes.


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