Thursday, July 8, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #1 ~ Breastfeeding

So one of the hardest things I have been trying to figure out is the nursing thing. Let's just put the pain and soreness aside for a minute. I know that breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your child and I have been fully commited to it since day one. Some of the major haute blockers of breastfeeding have been fashion and the on-the-go lifestyle. How do I wear cute clothes when I have to breastfeed? I mean, if you can figure out how to get your haute top up to nurse your baby then how do you deal with the milk spillage and possible spit ups? I ordered some nursing tops from Gap and Old Navy and when they arrived I had to make sure the box didn't say JC Penny. I mean COME ON! Secondly, being "on-the-go" means being out and about in public places. How do you do this and nurse at the same time?! Yes, I do have a Hooter Hider -mine is actually a Bebe Au Lait. Although I give it a 7 on the stylin' factor, it makes Stella all hot and sweaty underneath when I do nurse her. Is that normal or do I have a sweaty baby?! Should I try another brand? I am also trying to get over the breastfeeding in a reatuarant thing. Has anyone else had this fear? It's almost as bad as stage fright in the ladies rest room (come all know what I am talking about). Veteran moms - how did you do this? What if I want to go the beach or farmers market or to my all time favorite Target? What happens if Stella gets hungry?
Please share your experiences and advice!


  1. You've already figured it out with the bebe au lait cover-up. They are really cute and well worth the money. Not to mention your baby can actually breathe underneath one - unlike when you throw a blanket over her head!!

    Here's a poop suggestion for all the new moms: I'm NO expert of course. I have a 4-yr-old little girl, Jordan, and a nearly 2-yr-old boy, Chase and every baby/kid is different but this will most definitely apply to all babies!!

    When your baby has a poo-splosion (poop up the back, front, all over the onesie and likely seeping out) do NOT remove the onesie from over his/her head! Pull it down over the baby's shoulders or just cut it off and cut your losses. Much better than trying to get shit out of your poor baby's nostrils, hair, and everything else!!

    I've cut several onesie's off of Jordan when she was a baby and Chase had a poosplosion so bad once it went through his clothes, blanket, and car seat on to the ground in a puddle! So gross...and embarrassing since we were at Jordan's gymnastics class. Babies sure keep things interesting :)

  2. As I was reading this entry, Elsie spit up all over my "haute" Target tank top ;) This tank top, purchased in a variety of colors, has become my regular haute mom uniform ;) While it definitely shows off my leftover baby belly, it is super comfy and spit-up is easily wiped off :) It's easy to breastfeed in and it can be accessorized with a flower, necklace, or cute earrings, layered, dressed down with shorts or up with a cute {maternity} skirt and heels.

    To your issue at hand...we didn't want Elsie to totally change our lifestyle of eating out (AKA, me not cooking regularly). We don't take her to fancy restaurants where people don't want to hear a screaming baby, but we take her out all the time. I got over my fear of breastfeeding in public pretty quickly. Only once did I get a weird look and it just made me feel really proud knowing that I'm doing the best thing for our baby girl. The great thing about breastfeeding is that there is no planning! All we need is a baby, a burp cloth, and our hooter hider! I'm kinda dreading the day when real food is involved. That means I have to plan ahead beyond an extra outfit for Elsie. Real food sounds like more work...

  3. A nursing cover-up is the first step. No, it is not unusual that Stella sweats...Zavier sweat all the time!

    You've been with me when I nursed Zavier, I would just cover up and whip out the boob. Stopping my son's hunger was more important to me then my public fear or anyones's opinion.

    You will soon conquer your fear. You gotta start off slow, (going to Target or grocery store). If you have to nurse her, do it in the car or inside the dressing room, (never in a restroom...gross!).

    You will be surprised how open most people are to a mom who is breastfeeding. And, if people look at you crazy, (give them a bit of the Kelley we know :-) remember the law is on your side.

    As Aylssa said now is the best time to take Stella out, (you don't need bottles, baby food, or any of that other stuff). Just wait until she starts eating food...then the real planning begins

    As far as nursing tops go, I didn't purchase any, (they were ugly and over priced). I used the pre-pregnancy tops I had & bought regular tops that I thought were cute, (if I had to get a large instead of a be it). I also purchased a lot of dresses that were tank top or strapless, (for easy access)

    You are still small enough that you'll look cute in a summer dress or leggings and a cute top.

    I know it's all still new but pretty soon you'll be a pro. Girl you took your baby to Northern California by car!!! You're already well on your way to getting a handle on things

  4. Oh - I could write a novel on my adventures (all of them wonderful) in breast feeding (and poo-splosions!). I remember my first "public feeding" (Bella Terra). And the nerves - the Hooter Hider, the burp cloth, etc. Fast forward to month 9 of boOb feeding - anywhere - anytime (never a bathroom - no one eats in the bathroom) - with or without a cover. Hey, by the time they are latched there is nothing to see.

    It comes with time and experience, for both or you. When you no longer have to help her latch, that is a big step.

    As for the sweaty baby thing - blech - yes. Just wait until August! :) I found nursing without a cover the easiest and coolest method. I would only cover if I was given a stray look. My favorite was nursing Zoe in a brewery while drinking my beer. I thought the old lady 2 tables away was going to call child protective services. ha!

    Nursing attire, another blech! I wore regular shirts with a nursing tank under. I could bring the shirt up or down without revealing my *lovely* post-partem tummy. ;)

    Give it time and you will figure out what works best for you and Stella. You will find your groove!

    Celebrate what a wonderful gift you are giving your daughter that she will never appreciate (at least until she has her own baby). And let me know if you want the # to this photographer who immortalized one of the most wonderful experiences of my life as a mother.

    Great job mama!


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