Sunday, July 25, 2010

Haute Mom Dilemma #4 ~ Staying Haute in a Blow Out

How can one of these posts not include the infamous blow out? Out of everything considered "Mommyhood", this by far is the least haute. Diapers have become more and more haute as years have passed. Huggies has the new denim diaper. Yesterday at Target (a.k.a Sacks for Mom's) I saw some "designer diapers" designed by Cynthia Rowley and I must admit - they were darling! Even for those of you who choose to use cloth diapers, the covers come in all sorts of cute colors and designs now. No matter how hard we try to dress up those diapers, it is nearly impossible to stay chic and fashionable during a baby blow out. Let's face it, aside from spit up (we will discuss that one later), a messy, leaky diarrhea diaper is so a barrier to being a haute mom and even more importantly, a haute mom with a cute baby! I was at a party where I was first introducing Stella and she was dressed in her finest. I asked my hubby to guard the stroller only to look up moments later across the party to see a look of panic on his face. Thinking it was time to nurse, I make my way over to where he whispers, "She pooped and it's all coming out of her dress." The poor little thing had experienced her first blow out with poop coming out over the front of her diaper and had leaked through her little dress. Being a rookie a this time, we had no change of clothes (yes, I hate to admit it) so Stella got to enjoy the party as the first naked member. I have also noticed that with the diapers she is currently using (I will not name the brand) she tends to blow out only on the left. At first I was wondering if there was something medically wrong with my child until I realized the "leak guard" was about a half inch thinner on this side than the other. I mean, really? You charge what you do for diapers and you can't make them even? Do you know how many outfits have been ruined by stubborn stains on the left leg? Speaking of stains, what do you do to get those stains out? Stain remover seems to fall just a little short. Why hasn't anyone out there invented stuff just for this? Come to think of it, why haven't I?! The worst is the public blow out where there is no changing table in the bathroom. How are there places still in existance with no baby changing tables? There should be laws about that. We now have eliminated a handful of restaurants from our list due to their lacko f baby friendly changing spaces. Let's face it, changing a blow out in a stroller is no fun! Where do you change your baby if there are no changing tables? And what about those blow outs in the car seat!? What's this about? How do you wash a car seat?? Ick! I could go on and on this morning about the topic as I am sure all of you could - but from what I hear, my baby is in need of some blow out assistance herself. We all have our nasty blow out stories to share as well as tips to staying haute during these times so let's hear it!


  1. Kelley, you must get nomie baby car seat cover. It is awesome and will make cleaning car seat blowouts so much easier. And when I didn't have a nomie, I just washed the car seat on gentle even when I've had seats that say not to wash them. Second, I recommend keeping a pair of scissors handy at all times and when the blowout is that bad, just cut the onesie off. I do it all the time. This is how I think of it. If the onesie cost me about $4 and someone were to come up to me and say, "If you give me four bucks I'll make these poopy clothes go away" I would happily hand them a 5 dollar bill and tell them to keep the change. I cut the onesie up the front and remove it. Done!!! If there is some cute little design on the front that I adore, I cute a little square of it for the baby book/scrapbook. Wallah! Blowouts are just part of life and they suck.

  2. I used disposable changing pads in his car seat in the event of a blowout, (just throw it away if Stella has a blow out). Disposable changing pads come in box of 12 and they are very reasonably priced. Just put the changing pad in the car seat before you put Stella in and you got a layer of protection for the car seat.

    As far as outfits go, you GOTTA have an extra outfit, (or at least a onesie), when you're out

    Stains: You're breastfeeding so most stains, (BM and spit-up should come out in the wash). I used to soak EVERYTHING that had a stain, (while the stain was "fresh"). I also used Dreft pre-treater and it worked fantastic--until I introduced solid foods. After solid foods go with a "regular/non-baby" pre-treater.

    I used to wash is car seat fabric all the time, (I would take it off and wash it on gentle)

    I HATE changing Z in his stroller but sometimes it's either that or the backseat of my car, (you do what you gotta do)

    Blow outs suck!

  3. here's your answer on this one: cloth diapers!! i think i've truly experienced only one blow-out on my 16 month old using cloth! they are SO much better at containing mess. that said, the one blow-out we did have was in his carseat...the covers on them are washable (just don't put it in the dryer), so that's the good news! on the changing table front, the worst we've had to deal with was airplanes. when we have been fortunate enough to be on a plane with a changing table, it's this flimsy, hard tiny board folding down from the wall. better than nothing-yes...but NOT a fun experience at all!! otherwise, we just have to use our laps...also not a very suitable strategy, but as the previous mom do what you must!

  4. I store a backpack of several onesies, outfits, socks, diapers, wipes, etc. in the trunk of my car at all time! This is for emergency. I find the trunk of my car a good place to change the baby, seems weird but plenty of space. As far as trying to get stains out of onesies, I don't. Haha! Just throw them out right then and there. I don't even bother to bring it home even though the baby's poo doesn't smell bad at this stage. You will go through so many onesies that it's OK to throw some out. Also, you can use a stroller blanket (the Aden & Anais kind) and make a toga out of it if you must when you don't have an extra outfit for baby when you're out. Hang there in Kelly! You're doing a great job and I am still learning, and my bebe is 27 months!

  5. So here's what I've learned regarding diaper brand. Pampers are for babies with skinny legs...Huggies are for chubby legs :) My little girl who was a skinny baby would pee/poo right through her Huggies. My guy who was a super chubby baby couldn't wear Pampers because they'd be too tight on his little thunder thighs :)

    So, Pampers for skinnies...Huggies for chubbies!

    I agree with the advice above...just toss the onesie unless you're completely in love with it!


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