Saturday, November 5, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma #56 - Treating the Patient

'Tis the season, Stella is sick. I have to say that (knock on wood) she doesn't get sick too often but since she has been in day care, the illness rates have definitely increased. Everyone warned me so I can't say that I am surprised, not that it makes it any easier. Our warning that croup was going around was received on Halloween and by Wednesday, Stella was sent home mid-morning with a fever. She has been sick going on four days now with a high fever (over 104) for at least two of those days.

The little patient while on a walk today
 to get some fresh air. 
The nights have been long lately because all the sick patient wants is "mama". My hubby thinks it's sweet that she want to cling to me when she doesn't feel well but I haven't felt this suffocated since one of my high school boyfriends turned into a "stage 5 clinger" as they put it. I feel bad admitting this but it is so tough for me to be loving and nurturing and put that frustration of not being able to even use the restroom without your little one screaming bloody murder aside. With hubby sleeping on the couch and Stella and I in bed, little sleep has been achieved and so my already thin patience is in the danger zone.

I just have to remember that Stella isn't feeling well, in fact, I have made that my mantra in attempts to not be grumpy with her during her cling-on moments. We have all gone through having sick little ones and if parenting wasn't hard enough, a croup-coughing 18 month old always shakes things up a bit. Fortunately for me, she's in her crib napping and I am going to take advantage by napping (well, when I am done blogging.)

The hubby is taking me out for dinner tonight because he sees the boiling point coming close to steaming out of my ears while grandma comes over to hang with Stella. When I warned her that she might need to be held a lot all she said was, "Like that is a bad thing?" Ha. Tap, tap, it's her turn.


  1. Stage 5 clinger...that brings back so many memories of one of those I had in high school. So funny!

    Poor thing, I'm so sorry your girl is so sick! I'm sorry for you too and that you are finding frustration with it. I'm glad that you're able to remind yourself that she's not feeling well though. Hang in there!

  2. Hooray for grandma!


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