Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Will Wine...I am 35

Today is my 35th birthday and I am off to Napa with the hubby for a couple days of wine tasting. Stella is staying with grandma and grandpa in the Bay Area where we have been since Friday. After a seven hour road trip with my poor little walker (not as easy as it used to be) I am ready to relax and wine-d on down.

This is the first trip to Napa that I have taken with my husband and I am excited to visit some of our favorite wineries, many of whom are hosting us for complimentary tastings and tours. I have been welcomed by some wonderful people, one who is a fellow haute mom. I will be meeting her personally, and she is not only the owner of one of the wineries but has also agreed to do an interview for this blog! I can't wait to share more about the wineries when I return.

So, after celebrating with my family last night, I look forward to a very beautiful and lazy Sunday in the wine country. As always, it will be difficult leaving miss Stella behind but I know she is in good hands. Will the guilty feeling of traveling without her ever go away? I will have much to share when I get back as well as some words of advice from a fellow owner of a wonderful winery! Hope all of you haute moms are having an equally wonderful Sunday!

Stella made me a birthday cake at day care!


  1. 35.... sigh. i will be 35 this year {december] and for the first time i actually have found myself asking how in the world i got to be 34. whoa what?

    happy birthday :)


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