Friday, July 1, 2011

Haute Mom Will Travel

Now that it's July, summer is definitely under way.  Our summer plans for traveling are less than usual but there are a few fun trips that we have planned this summer; both family and adult only.  I just got back from our first trip of the summer, a work trip that I was able to combine with a small family getaway.  Haute moms always see the potential in work travel right?  Well potential and a kind boss...

I always have been an overpacker.  The sole reason for this is because I never know what I am going to want to wear.  A one night trip can easily call for three possible outfits and at least two pairs of shoes.  Add your little ones clothing options as well and we almost need cargo van for me and Stella.  I know that I have to get used to traveling with a little one and it is a learning in process thing for sure. 

Stella enjoying her very LARGE and rather
 PRICEY bowl of morning fruit.
Some things I learned from my trip to San Diego:

  • Bring some of your own food for your kids - hotel food is expensive and they definitely don't have those healthy options readily available like you have at home.
  • Consider asking for a corner room - we brought Stella's Pack and Play and this was Motel 6 compared to the comfy king size bed hubby and I had for ourselves.  Poor thing had to stare at us all night because of the room constraints.  It was torture for her to sleep in there when we were close by in a bed of our own.  We almost thought about putting it in the bathroom...not kidding.
  • When or if you (haute mom) have to work, do not leave hubby in charge of packing up and getting ready for check-out.  I did this only to come in 15 minutes until check out time to find him napping with Stella and NOTHING had been packed.  I shoulda known better...

The next trip we are taking is in a couple of weeks for my birthday so Haute Mom will be traveling again and learn a few more things I'm sure!

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