Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Haute Mom Dilemma # 49~ Take Me Out to The Ballgame

After a wonderful adult trip to Napa for my birthday (with TONS to share), we are back in the bay area and have relieved grandma and grandpa of all babysitting duties. My brother left this morning to the Czech Republic and my heart feels a little heavy. Well, more than a little. What better to pick me up than a trip to see the San Francisco Giants play the Dodgers in their home field! A trip that was as easy as blinking...without a little one.

The tricky thing about San Francisco is the weather. Where it may be 80 degrees at my parents house (just 30 miles south) it can be a foggy and cold 65 degrees in San Francisco. To add a little more chill, the ballpark is right on the water. Dressing in layers is key and with Stella, a few blankets on hand will also be necessary. Additionally, while they allow strollers in the ballpark, they must be checked in if you want to go to your seats. My parents have season tickets and AMAZING seats but this puts up the question as to whether or not the stroller is even worthwhile. We normally take the train up and a stroller on the train may also be an additional hassle.

I haven't broken the good old Ergo carrier out recently but think it may be time. I used to easily carry Stella in front of me but since she is a walker, and well over 20 pounds, I have a feeling the "easy" may no longer be part of the scenario. The thing that I like about the Ergo is that I can always change it to carry her on my hip or my back if she no longer likes the front position. I guess I will have a little bit of experimenting to do. The best part is that the only diaper bag I brought is my haute, black, patent leather Tim and Leslie. No matter what happens, it will be a treat to see my hubby carrying that through the ballpark all night. :)

Ready for the game!

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