Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You're a mom but do you "own" it?

A recent video of parents “rapping” about their household has been circling Facebook. The message is simple: Kids radically change your life and you should own it.

I’m sure I have talked plenty about all the changes kids bring, but the “owning” it part is new. With a two-and-a-half-year-old and a six-week-old, I am finally getting ahold of this concept.

I don’t stay out late anymore. I always have wet wipes in my purse. I have replaced designer duds for those that wash easily. Unfortunately, I spent a good part of my first child’s infancy struggling to maintain part of my old life. And I missed out on enjoying my new one.

There is so much that goes into parenting that it is easy to wish for the simpler life you had before. When there was nothing to worry about but you and your significant other. The hubby and I still reminisce about those days, but we have realized that — although more complicated — our lives are so much fuller now.

Crumbs, endless laundry, and pajama time at 9 p.m. works perfectly for me. Getting dressed up means I have to put make-up on. Nights out are still fun, and as I said last week, much needed. But things have changed from frequent nights on the town to family time at home. My recent adult-only nights out have shown me one thing, the only thing I am missing out on are my kids.

I am a mom of two. And like I used to with my designer jeans, I am going to own it — in style.

Check out the video that inspired this post. Hilarious.

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