Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What to Expecting When Expecting...Again

At four months pregnant with baby #2, I am finally feeling pregnant. I felt the EXHAUSTION of pregnancy as well as the morning sickness throughout the entire first trimester but now I am into the second trimester of exhaustion, cravings, and those good ol' skinny jeans that no longer button. That baby bump sure comes early the second time around! I look like I did when I was six months pregnant with Stella! As I gear up for the next few months, it is time to bust out some of my favorite pregnancy must haves.

Designer Maternity Jeans - A pair of well-made designer maternity jeans is absolutely necessary. Check out your favorite brands and see if they offer maternity options. I don't wear these jeans on a regular basis, but on those days or nights that you need to be a little sass and look your best, these jeans come in handy. They will allow your lower half to look its best (sometimes hard while pregnant) and more importantly, make you feel good. They may be pricey, but paired with a cute top and some heels, these jeans can do wonders for a pregnant lady. I say the effect is well worth the splurge!

Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream - I know that stretch marks are supposedly genetic but regardless of your genes, the amount your belly stretches during pregnancy is bound to cause at least a few stretch marks. From the looks of other areas of my body, I am definitely prone to some stretch marks. Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream was recommended to me by a fellow mom when I was pregnant with Stella and at under $4 a tube, I couldn't resist. I started using it at the end of my first trimester and escaped my first pregnancy without a single stretch mark! I still had a tube leftover and you can bet that the ritual has begun again.

Pregnancy Pillow - I waited way too long to purchase a pregnancy pillow with Stella. I forgot how comfortable they were until I had a prenatal massage this past weekend that used one on the massage table. I went home and immediately asked hubby to dig mine out of the garage. It's about that time where sleep is starting to become a little more restless, and a little harder to get comfortable. With an almost two-year old running the show, I need to get all of the sleep I can get! There are a number of pregnancy pillows out there so find one that you like; it will work wonders!

Belly Band or Maternity Band -My Belly Band is my best friend when getting through those awkward pregnancy sizes. At this point (and keep your fingers crossed), I can still fit into most of my pants with the exception of buttoning them. The Belly Band is an easy fix to helping me keep those pants up! It also helps me keep my maternity pants up since my belly growing belly is not quite enough to keep them from falling down. Another handy time for the band will be after I have baby #2. These bands come in handy when losing that pregnancy weight (really, the belly.)

Having a little one and being pregnant proves to be more challenging than the first time around. I have yet to find a must have that will help out in this categories. I am sure there are plenty of other must haves that I am missing as well. What was your pregnancy must have? Leave a comment for me to try out some new, haute stuff! I have a feeling I'm going to need it!

4 months going on 6

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  1. YOu look great and SOOOO right about the pregnancy pillow. I loved mine with Julianna!


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