Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Wanna Getaway...Although Not As Much As I Thought

All parents, as much as they love their little ones, dream of a getaway. This mom is getting one.

For a brief one night, I will be jet setting to Dallas with the hubby and my brother to go see the opening weekend concert for my beloved Dave Matthews Band.

As always, I have a tight chest of anticipation. While the hubby has been overly excited, counting down the days until we leave, I have been looking at Stella with a twinge of guilt and sadness — except for this morning when the devil temporarily inhabited her tiny body.

However, I couldn’t pass up this chance to see one of my favorite bands and travel one last weekend before my doctor grounds me with the third trimester no airplanes rule.

What is it about being a mom that ties you to guilt and sadness every time you have to leaveyour children? Am I the only one that experiences this? Many times, I cry half way to my destination. I worry and fret over whether she will be all right, knowing full well that she is in the best of care with grandma and grandpa.

As I getaway, I know I will need to have my phone fully charged so that I can call and check in before the plane takes off, when we land, before we get to the hotel, around dinner time, and one last time to say goodnight. I will plan my events around what time I can say hello via iPad and see Stella face to face.

Yes, I sound like a stage five clinger ex-girlfriend, but, what can I say, I am a mom.

The best part about going away as a parent is the difference in emotion during the return home. Usually it is a feeling of dread with the thought of returning to reality. Now, it is pure excitement to see that little face that you have been missing while you are gone.

It is healthy for all when parents get a getaway and luckily, we get to return to some big hugs and sticky kisses.

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  1. My father-in-law asked me when my little boy would be old enough to be able to stay overnight with him. He lives three hours away. I'm only 8 months pregnant! He is not even out yet! I almost had a panic attack! I have no idea how long it is going to take me to not be a "stage 5 clinger" lol. I think a long time.

  2. Ooohhh! I would LOVE LOVE to go see the Dave Matthews band!!!


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