Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day/ Happy Birthday

Yesterday was quite the fitting Mother's Day as I shared the day with Stella and her 2nd birthday. With baby #2 due in August, I have done a lot of reflecting on how different my life has become. I once heard somebody say that having a child was like putting arms and legs on your heart and letting it run loose, and that couldn't be more true.

The hubby had asked me if I wanted a "day away" for Mother's Day. Not that I would leave Stella on her 2nd birthday, but hubby said I could cash it in later. I have to admit, I did consider this at first. But then I got to thinking, what sense is Mother's Day without spending time with those that made you a mother? Of course, we all need a day off but it seems to me that this day should be a day where I celebrate my mother and my own role as a mother.

With Stella waking me up at the usual pre-7 a.m. hour, we snuggled in bed for a bit and then went into the kitchen to make a batch of pancakes which was the birthday girl's special request. My parents were in town for Stella's big day, so we all got to eat breakfast together and spend some time as a family. Stella was attached to her grandma which I thought was sweet for the both of them. I did get a gift from her (thanks to day care) and a card (thanks to hubby) in between all of the birthday wrap for Stella. It was a precious little key chain (Stella had to correct me when I thought it was a bracelet) with her picture at the end. The mid-morning sun then prompted us to go on a walk to the park where we all enjoyed the slides. I got to spend some time in the shade while Stella enjoyed the swings with grandpa.

I did take advantage of Stella's nap time with a little siesta. We went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner to celebrate a combined birthday and Mother's Day. Stella was an angel through an abnormally long dinner, and that was a gift all in itself.

With wonderful days such as this, I feel honored to be a mom. It makes me grateful to have Stella as well as my own mother close to me. Maybe in future years, I will take hubby up on that "day away" but for now, I am enjoying the time I have at home with Stella, not just on Mother's Day, but any day that I have with her. I can;t believe two years has already gone by. I have a feeling I will be saying that ten years from now as well.

Whether it involved sleeping in, a day at the spa, or some quality time with your kids, I hope all of you haute moms enjoyed your special day.

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