Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time With Your Children: Priceless

Working for a school district has some benefits. Last week I was off for a much needed Spring Break. Although I did enjoy a couple of days to myself, the time that was really priceless was the few days that I spent with Stella. I often feel guilty that she goes to day care five days a week. I know many children go to day care every day of the week but that doesn't make it any easier. Although I have been feeling financially restricted with trying to save up for my time off when the new baby arrives, the hubby and I decided that a trip out to Palm Desert was something that we should do.

On a side note, Palm Desert is one of our favorite getaways. Back in the day, we would head out with a cooler of adult beverages and plenty of water, heading to the hotel with the best pool scene. Things, of course, have changed but as I looked around at what used to be, I was more than happy to head to the quiet pool with my water, Stella's milk cup and some Goldfish snacks.

We have Stella in swim lessons but to see her enjoy the pool just for fun was a treat. In an attempt to spare other guests the view of me, six months pregnant in a bathing suit, I handed over the pool duty to hubby. I could not have been happier sitting in the sun, watching the hubby and Stella splash around in the pool. One day it rained so we stayed in our hotel room a good part of the day and played matching games, put puzzles together, and napped (my favorite.)

As we prepare for the second baby to arrive, I am realizing how important my time is with Stella. Weeks shy of her second birthday, she has grown so much and each day I see her accomplishing some new task or speaking some new word. Many of these things come as a surprise (yesterday when I sneezed she told me "God Bless You Mommy") and are things I did not teach her. While this shows me how much I miss out on, it also reminds me how precious my time is with her.

As always, there is never a perfect balance in life. In my eyes, being a career mom that can stay home with her children would be a dream but is not quite realistic. I figure that I am lucky to be able to spend days off with her when I can and even luckier to have realized that my time that I do have with her is priceless. So many people have told me to enjoy this time with her and it couldn't be more true. I know while there are things that I won't remember one day, these are the days that I will never forget.

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  1. I work full time too and it's so true- we must cherish the time we have with our family and children especially - it is golden. Glad yo u guys got to get away for a few days!


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