Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Living Unplugged?

With the second baby’s arrival just around the corner (looking closer than originally thought,) I am in full nesting mode.

The deep cleaning and the piles of laundry are in effect around the house. I have taken a new eye to our home in attempt to transition from a toddler home to a newborn and toddler home.

One thing I noticed while doing this is all of the electronics that we have. Televisions, computers, cell phone chargers and iPads take up a good number of our outlets.

When I was pregnant with Stella, I had all of these visions in my head as to what type of parent I would be. Having strict limits on television, video games, and other types of electronics was always a part of that. As I look around the house now, I critique how closely I have stuck to the original plan.
And, I am slightly embarrassed to admit — I haven’t.

By no means would I say that I use television or other electronics as a babysitter. I am not the type to plop Stella in front on the TV so that I can cook dinner (okay, I don’t really cook, so that's a bad example). But I would be lying to say that I have never given her the option to watch something on the tube with me after a long day at work.

Stella knows how to work the iPad better than my hubby. She can scroll through the pictures in my cell phone. Obviously, she has been exposed to electronics — maybe a little more than I had planned.

We have friends that lead an “unplugged” life. They have no televisions or computers in the house. They are both doctors, so they do have cell phones, but that is it. Their two children have no access to television, computers, video games or the like.

This got me imagining living in an “unplugged” world. Could we rid of the televisions and electronics so that our children can live a media-free life? Could I?

As I thought about this, I saw both positives and negatives. A world with nothing but the imagination and creativity to keep the children occupied. Would they go into school being behind in the technological world; a world where they have to learn about technology in order to succeed?

It’s an entertaining thought and I give our friends and all of those parents that can manage this credit. But in the reality of it all, is it truly feasible and beneficial in the long run? As with most parenting topics, we can only answer this for our own families – and I sure would miss that DVR.

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  1. Great post. I will be the very first one to admit I could never live unplugged. I am a techie junkie. I am holding my hand up high here LOL. Julianna knows how to scroll through my phone pictures too haha! I think its just the way it is now. And for when I make dinner, I do put julianna in front of the tv with some toys too while I cook if my husband isn't home. It just makes it easier - sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to get things done...


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