Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Too Itsy Bitsy?

I am officially in countdown mode with my due date just 9 short weeks away. Being pregnant, as I am sure you remember, increases your awareness of other pregnant women. Yesterday, we took a "quick" trip to Ikea where I noticed dozens of fellow preggies, of all shape and size, wandering around.

There have been other sightings of pregnant women which I have noticed, and that is in the gossip mags. Yes, I read that smut. If you haven't noticed, many of our favorite gossip magazine have begun to capture the "pregnant styles" and watching "baby bumps" of celebrities. Is this a new things that I am becoming aware of, or has it always been this way. I love a cute pregnant lady. One thing I have not enjoyed so much, are all of the pictures of these pregnant celebs rockin' the bathing suits.

Maybe bathing suits are not the right word choice here. I know it gets hot, and yes, pregnant women enjoy to splash around too. Lord knows I will be doing the same as my last weeks of pregnancy will be in some of the hottest months Southern California sees. I'm talking bikinis and thanks to Tori Spelling, the now famous preggie in a monokini. I would expect someone like myself to appreciate these women, for standing up for those of us with swollen tummies and wearing swimsuits that many non-pregnant woman wouldn't go near. But for some reason, I just think it's inappropriate.

I have thought long and hard to my feelings on this matter to try to pin down exactly what bothers me. I think pregnant women are beautiful and being pregnant is something that we should be proud of. However, I have to say that we just seem to look better covered up. While I appreciate the fact the pregnant Kourtney Kardashian and Tori Spelling do us proud by looking fantastic in skimpy swim wear, I wonder if anyone really wants to see their big bellies. Photos of expecting celebs look much more attractive when wearing a one-piece or a cute, short sundress. And hello, you are mothers. Last time I checked, frolicking in a pool or beach with Stella was no activity fit for an itsy-bitsy bikini.

Do I have it all wrong here?

As I pull on my maternity tankini tight over by 31 week swollen tummy and head out to the beach, I think that most will appreciate the fact that I have chosen to keep the tummy under wraps. I guess in the long run, it doesn't really matter. If they look good and are comfortable sporting the skimpy gear, then more power to them. I just feel like I must be missing something by fostering less than positive feelings about the pictures of the pregnant beach babes.

Is there a line that we draw with what pregnant women should wear much like we do with young girls, or maybe women who are carrying a few extra pounds. Does that "She should not be wearing that" thought count here (we all have those, admit it.) At the end of the day, just like everyone else, they have the right to wear whatever they want but honestly, I am wondering if anyone really wants to see it.

Sexy or not?

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  1. i think her bathing suit is absolutely wonderful!! with each of my pregnancies my view changed on wether or not i would be wearing revealing clothes or not. with my first i hid my tummy because i was ashamed of looking like a teen mom (though i was in my 20's) and didn't want to be deemed inappropriate. with my 2nd i wore tube tops, tank tops, and strapless dresses but no bathing suits (despite being a summer baby). this last time i flaunted my awesome pregnant curves! i worked for 10 months to get the baby to stick and i was in really good shape until i was put on bedrest so i was proud of my big round tummy while the rest of my body stayed muscular. i say be comfortable with who YOU are and some people love their new found curves just like some of us don't mind nursing in public. like i said, i think this is an absolutely wonderful thing for a woman to completely embrace the round tummy that is only around for a little while :)


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