Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I've Got the Bah Humbugs

There has always been some pressure when it comes to the holidays. The pressure to decorate, find a perfect tree, send out Christmas cards, and buy the right gifts. I used to LIVE for this time of year; the holiday music, the lights, the endless shopping bags and crowded malls. Not so much anymore.

Being that this is my second Christmas as a mom, I'm feeling a different kind of pressure. The pressure to have lights up, photos with Santa taken, starting some of our own Christmas traditions. To be honest, between work, more work, training for my half marathon and just being tired, I have failed miserably. With just 5 days until Christmas, I am nowhere to being close to that partridge in a pear tree. And I am not so sure I care.

I keep telling myself that,looking back, Stella will not remember whether or not we had a tree, or what she got for Christmas this year. I can start building the memories of being loved, having family around, and being an overall exciting time without all the Christmas bells and whistles, can't I?

I read the story about all the "secret Santas" going to the Kmarts and paying off other peoples' layaways the other day. I was sobbing. Sobbing. The hubby came home and asked what had happened and I could barely choke out the story. This is what Christmas is. It is a time of giving, helping those less fortunate, being with loved ones, and spreading joy whenever possible. When did we lose sight of this? Can I bring the spirit of Christmas to my own family and teach Stella that Christmas is more than what Santa has brought her for Christmas? Or am I the true Grinch this year?

May the Christmas spirit visit me tonight...


  1. That secret Santa story is very touching indeed.
    And your baby is still too young to remember that you did not have the most perfect Christmas Tree this year. As for the gifts, chances are, she will be happy just shredding the gift wrapper and ignoring the gift inside. Building tradition takes time, and you have lots of it.

    Merry Christmas and God bless you family. :-)

    I found your blog in Momto8's bloghop.


  2. Sometimes I feel the same way. Ok, alot of times, except my kids are alot older....Christmas has become so's sad. I wish you and your little family a very BLESSED Christmas!

  3. Kelley, I am right there with you sometimes this year! Christmas is so overrated with things to do, stuff to make, or places to go. It's exhausting and this is also the sick season! Stella will never remember the tree or the presents and traditions can be started at any time and any age, so relax, take in each Stella moment and who cares if the cards didn't get done, or got done late {i.e., me}, the tree isn't perfect, or someone doesn't get something off the list they gave you. We totally have to remember that we are so blessed to have what we have and it really is about helping those around us, especially introducing this concept to our girls! xoxo

  4. Hang in there! The holiday's is a stressful time. Just spend time with Stella and she'll know that Christmas is more about gifts in the long run.

    I've tagged you in a post of mine by the way :)


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